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Auto Spa Services


Check out our A la Carte Add-Ons!

100% Hand Wash and Dry
Wheels and Tires Hand Cleaned
White Walls and Wheel Lips Scrubbed
Trunk and Door Jambs Dried

CARS  $16.00

SUVS  $18.00

MINI VAN  $20.00

Deluxe Wash

Includes Works Wash Plus:

Wipe Down Dash and Doors
Condition and Dress Interior Vinyl*
Vacuum Complete Vehicle
Tire Shine Dressing
Remove and Wash all Rubber Mats
Rain-X Complete Surface Protection
Under Carriage Wash

Cars  $32.00

SUVs  $35.00

Mini Van  $38.00

*Additional cost for Leather Seats

Works Wash

Includes Exterior Wash Plus:

Vacuum Carpets, Mats and Seats
Clean Windows In and Out
Remove Dust from Dash and Doors

Cars    $22.00

SUVs    $25.00

Mini Van    $28.00



Rubber Floor Mats (Per Mat)  $2.00
Carpet Floor Mats (Per Mat)  $3.00
Rain-X Complete Surface Protection  $5.00
Tire Dressing  $5.00
Undercarriage Wash  $5.00
Express Wax  $7.00
High PSI Rim Face Cleaning  $8.00
Children’s Car Seat  $25.00
Vapor Tech Odor Removal  $45.00

Detailing Services

Services quoted as needed—
please see manager for details.

Tar Removal
Engine Steam Cleaned
Acid Clean Rims
Shampoo Trunk
Clean and Condition Leather
Pet Hair Removal
Spot Buffing